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Verbal Presentation

Planning the verbal presentation has been quite a challenge trying to keep to 15 minutes to cover 2 years work. I had planned to go into a few details about the research from the Concepts module in order to give a little background but have decided to only mention is very briefly because when I practised it, I was 5 minutes over. Other things which had to go were evaluation of methods and methodology. I covered it in the written submission in some detail, so I felt justified in taking it out.

Choosing images from the hundreds that I've taken was quite a task too. And I had to make a decision about the 360 video - when I tried to upload it from the computer, it didn't load as the 360 version so I've had to insert the YouTube link instead. It's a bit awkward to play, so I'll have to try and remember to mute it so it doesn't distract from what I'm saying.

The other thing I haven't included, is why I have chosen the weighting 30/70. It seemed an obvious choice for me due to the analysis that was needed for the pilot study. Also, my work is really difficult to document other than by photography/video and I felt that I would struggle to justify 100% practical.

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