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Reflections on the Cosmic Web

Still images from the installation, click to enlarge

This installation was created as a pilot study during one of my MA modules. It was situated in an empty retail unit in Huddersfield Indoor Market. It was inspired by the idea of interconnectedness and the webs that exist within and around us at the nano-scale all the way up to the galactic. I used silver mylar sheets and projection to create the images on the wall. I was also testing out some knitted elements and thread webs. I am interested in how art experiences impact the mental and spiritual health and well-being of the viewer, so these quotes from visitors were encouraging:

‘a very soothing experience’


‘I felt a bit stressed finding parking and locating the Phone hut, but found the experience relaxing and beautiful and felt more positive than when I arrived’

‘being able to be peaceful and quiet and properly observe my surroundings’

‘the interaction with the display changed the focus of my thoughts. I became intrigued with the shapes created by the reflections’

video of coloured projection
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Video of the installation, click to enlarge

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