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Light Painting

This was part of the Pulsar project during my Art & Design Foundation Diploma

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New Video

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Video of Pulsar light painting

The Pulsar project was inspired by research into the discovery of pulsars by Jocelyn Bell Burnell in 1967. They are very dense, highly magnetised, rapidly spinning neutron stars which emit electomagnetic radiation from their poles. I was fascinated by the pictures I found during my research and especially their positioning in various nebulae in the universe. The sound on the video is of the pulsars in the 47 Tucanae cluster and is taken from the Jodrell Bank archive More images of the Pulsar project can be found on the Other Work page.

These were created as part of my explorations during the early part of my MA in 2019.

Light paintings exploring a variety of tools, click to enlarge

I wanted to further develop the techniques which had led to the Pulsar project. I used a variety of tools - light brushes - with different coloured filters applied. I enjoyed the physicality of producing the images.

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