Coming to installation art after a science degree, youth work, church leadership, teaching and more recently a Master's degree, Jill has had an interesting journey. 


With a love of colour and textiles, she embarked on her Master's in Fashion Textile Practices desiring to explore materials and techniques which would eventually culminate in a mixed media installation to improve visitors' mental and spiritual health and well-being.

‘Spirituality concerns the feelings stirred or probed by the art, which may prompt viewers to reflect on the meaning of life, often drawing on existential questions, such as: Why are we here? What are we doing? What happens after life ends? A sense of the spiritual also gives people the sense of belonging that they crave, a feeling that they are part of something greater than the self. The spiritual also contrasts with the material, where the material concerns acquisitiveness and worldly success.  Spirituality seeks to transcend worldly goods and ambitions.’ (Arya, 2016 p.1-2)*

Her work provides a space for reflection, relaxation and playfulness in an often busy and overwhelming world.

* Arya, R., 2016, Spirituality and Contemporary Art. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion. Ed.   Retrieved 11 Dec. 2018, from


Group Exhibitions

March 2021

May 2021

LIGHT:space Art Trail, Stockton-on-Tees

Cotton On In Manchester (Online)

Stay Connected Virual Exhibition 'Immersion'



University of Huddersfield Masters Degree in Fashion Textile Practices (Distinction)


Oldham College Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (UAL)


Dyslexia Institute Postgraduate Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy (Distinction)


Brunel University PGCE Primary Age


University of Bristol BSc (Hons) Anatomical Science 2.1

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0781 868 4164