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Checking the Specification

Had to use last years but probably won't be much different

How will I achieve these criteria?

A. Demonstrate how subject knowledge is advanced through research development to produce clear creative outcomes.

establish need for this research

identify gap in current research



Google Scholar

previous research for other modules

Laura Williams

B. Provide a critical understanding of the parameters of your project (individual or group), its concepts, objectives and outcomes.

not sure what this means - think it means need to know what I'm doing, how I'm going to do it and what I want to see at the end. If so:

concepts - installation art contributes to mental and spiritual health and well-being

parameters - pilot study with questionnaires to generate data rather than full-scale installation at the end

objectives - to evaluate the use of mixed-media installation art on people's mental and spiritual health and well-being

outcomes - pilot study generating useful data for analysis, improved understanding of skills, materials, processes

C. Assess the currency, relevance and suitability of your project (individual or group) within a defined context.

Will need to:

identify how the research adds value/contributes to both the advance of subject knowledge but also how it's relevant to people - why people would want to visit such an installation

D. Demonstrate a considered and purposeful ability to schedule a range of activities and tasks that integrates creative and associated strategies and to formulate robust and meaningful outcomes.

E. Systematically plan, organise and project manage your outcomes, using appropriate formats.

Both these criteria are to do with project management

Long term, medium term and day-to-day planning

Will need to remember to document this

F. Communicate ideas and information innovatively using relevant methods and techniques

develop website

verbal presentation

written report, blog


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