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Thoughts about the currency of my work

Even before the current pandemic, there was a lot in the media about there being a mental health crisis in the UK so my work will have value in that it aims to improve people's mental and spiritual well-being by providing a space for reflection, relaxation and mindfulness/meditation/prayer.

In the initial stages of the UK lockdown, many professionals were predicting that there would be a further mental health crisis due to the social isolation, unemployment, loss and grief as well as PTSD and burnout among health workers. The media reported an increase in people searching terms like 'prayer' and I found several articles of the 'Top 10 ways to cope with anxiety/loneliness/depression during lockdown' variety all of which included activities recognised to improve mental and spiritual well-being often including meditation/mindfulness apps and relaxation techniques.

Possible uses of my work

  • set up in a room in a hospital

  • set up in temporary space in a shopping centre

  • VR installation video used as relaxation technique for anyone suffering anxiety, stress or depression

  • Ordinary video playing on large screen in hospital waiting rooms (or doctor/dentist's)

  • sensory room in a psychiatric hospital or prison

I would also like to work on turning some of the imagery into something I can sell eg, photographic prints, glass panels. A friend suggested they would look good in corporate offices. I'm going to get a couple of giclee prints to see what they look like and I've also sent an image to be printed onto acrylic glass. I've found a company in Huddersfield who print directly onto glass, so I've also contacted them enquiring about getting a sample printed.

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