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Into production mode

I am aiming to have everything ready to hang by the end of June which gives me a month. The wire knitting is the thing which will take the most time, so I will get that done first. They each need to be 6 feet long.

I'm going to make the DNA spirals slightly longer because I want them to only just clear the floor so that they can make reflections on the floor.

I've bought a 360 video camera now and watched several tutorials about how to make VR content. I'm so disappointed that people won't be able to experience it first hand and I'm worried about my lack of technical skill. I'm hoping it won't hold me back. I keep putting off using the camera because it feels so daunting.

The dichroic DNA spirals are going to have alternate Warm and Chill strips. I've decided that stitching them to mylar or stitching text will take too long on this time scale, so I'm keeping it simple.

I've worked out the ratios of the lengths I need and how many I need for each spiral.

Now to get sewing.

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