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Finished Installation - photos & videos

So many decisions! Trial and error - up and down ladders, swapping things around but finally the installation is finished. Decisions about lighting:

which light sources to use - electric/battery?

how many?

where to position them - just floor/ floor and wall/ floor and ceiling?

Decisions about positioning were not too tricky as I wanted it to be symmetrical using the grid system of hooks I'd put up on the ceiling. These had to be positioned so that the reflections were as clear as possible on the wall. Too close/far away and they become unclear.

air current - just natural air currents/extra fans?

do I have mylar on the floor or on the wardrobe as well as having the DNA hangings?

In the end I chose to use battery lights placed on the floor in front of each hanging and angled to produce clear reflections. When I tried wall mounting/ceiling mounting, they kept falling off. The lights are not as bright as the phone torch but they are effective. I positioned some of them higher up using the bed and radiator. I also borrowed a couple of rechargeable fans from a friend to increase the flow of air and create more movement from the hanging spirals.

The bed area was bothering me and it was just and empty space. It would be behind the visitor when they were sitting down, but once they started to move about the space it was a bit redundant. I decided to see what would happen if I covered it in mylar sheeting and added layers of dichroic film on top. It ended up being my favourite part of the installation as it produced the most amazingly organic and colourful reflections.

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