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Designing my website

This week I've created my website using Wix Editor. My starting points were:

Purpose - to be a showcase for my work, with a specific focus on being a digital portfolio for Major Project . Once the degree is over, I will spend a lot of time considering the purpose further and decide whether it's going to be about branding/marketing or selling (which then leads to a whole new set of questions). I think the Business Enterprise team will be particularly helpful for support but at the moment, I'm concentrating on getting my work on there.

Look - I wanted a clean, uncluttered look and chose a theme which I think delivers that. The Wix editor is really easy to use now I'm getting to grips with it. I spent a day choosing photos and videos and then editing the photos in photoshop - mainly brightness/contrast and colour saturation adjustments but nothing very drastic as I wanted them to be as close to the originals as possible.

Also, not loads of text to read. The Artist Statement for 'The Light Shines in the Darkness' installation is the longest piece of text on there and I feel that is necessary at the moment for assessment purposes. I will revisit it at a later date once I've sorted out what the purpose of the website is going to be going forward after the degree is over.

Navigation - I wanted it to be really easy to move around, so that people can move back and forwards through the pages quickly and not get frustrated. I think it achieves that.

Mobile - It is important that the site looks good on a mobile device too as so many people access the internet on the go. The Wix editor allows you to toggle between editing for desktop or mobile which is such a useful feature. There have been a couple of things I've changed on the mobile site to make it more visually cohesive.

I put the link on my Instagram account and got some positive comments about it. I was also contacted through the website contact page by a teacher asking if I would consider visiting her school to talk to her pupils, which I was so encouraged by. However, the feedback I've had about the 360 video has not been good and has confirmed what I thought about it being too dark and grainy. I've moved it from the top of the page to the bottom and I'm considering taking it off altogether if I can't get it edited in time for submission.

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