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A positive development

With the installation up and ready for visitors, I was thinking that I would only be able to invite close family due to the social distancing regulations but today the government announced that they are reducing the restriction to 1m+. So I've decided that I'm going to open the invitation up to more friends. I've had a look at the regulations and as long as they wear a mask and gloves and I schedule visits so there is no cross over, it will be possible. They can do the consent form and questionnaires outside at the garden table, so they will only be in the house for the duration of their time in the installation.

I've had tutor approval for the ethics forms and had permission to use the SHALOM2 questionnaire on spiritual health and well-being from the author, so I'm ready to go. I'm so pleased that more people will be able to experience the work as it really needs to be seen in person. I'll still make the 360 video, but I don't feel as much pressure about doing that now.

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